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KS-26 Matt and Eric: Ayahuasca, Number Stations, The Illuminati, Garageband and David Duchovny [LISTEN]  
Alone and without a guest to have to behave for, Matt and Eric discuss some of their favorite topics and theories. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2018-04-15

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KS-26 Matt and Eric: Ayahuasca, Number Stations, The Illuminati, Garageband and David Duchovny [LISTEN]  
Alone and without a guest to have to behave for, Matt and Eric discuss some of their favorite topics and theories. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2018-04-15

KS-25 Lauren Curtis talks to us about Steampunk and how to survive as a professional artist! [LISTEN]  
In 1988 She graduated with a BFA from Mason Gross (Rutgers) & is now working full time as an artist. She specializes in illustration, painting, photography & graphic design & has a wide variety of clients including publishers, musicians, craft & greeting card companies, historical orgs. & animal rescue groups. She exhibits regularly in galleries & vends at art/craft fairs, Goth/Wiccan events, etc. (She also creates jewelry, cards & T-shirts) She has been a featured artist on radio shows, in newspaper interviews, on a gothic cable TV show & on the Oddities TV show (Science Channel)! LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05    06   - DATE: 2018-04-08

KS-24 Dr. Paul Young, Professor, Author and Educator joins on the show. [LISTEN]  
Dr. Young’s career in education spans more than 45 years. As a graduate student in the Ohio University School of Music, he worked as an assistant to the Director of Bands, Dr. Thomas Lee, and a part-time employee in the School of Music Library. Upon graduation, he served more than a decade as the high school band director at Fairfield Union Local Schools (his high school alma mater). He then became an elementary principal, serving in that capacity more than 20 years in both the Northern Local Schools and Lancaster City Schools. While principal of West School in Lancaster, Young was elected by his peers to serve as the president of the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA) as well as the National Association of Elementary Principals (NAESP), the only past-president of OAESA ever to advance to the elected leadership role of the national association. Upon retirement in 2004, Young played a vital role in the development and growth of the West After School Center before accepting an opportunity to serve as the President & CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based National AfterSchool Association (NAA) in 2010. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2018-03-25

KnoW-SH!T soundtrack. [LISTEN]  
This is the intro and closing music we use for the show. This video was the night we recorded it. Special thanks to Major Minor Metal Guitar Backing Tracks for the KICK ASS backing track which can be found here: LINKS:  01   - DATE: 2018-03-22

KS-23 Susan Cote', modern Pagan and practicing Pharmakeute talks to us about her craft. [LISTEN]  
I am a practicing Pharmakeute and initiate in the Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition. I hand-make each and every one of my products within a sacred space and with ritual energy, giving loving attention to detail with 100% Certified Organic/Free-Trade/ and or wildcrafted herbs from my own gardens and/or other completely reputable sources. Most of my products were created out of a personal need for something particular, and everything else is inspired by requests from friends and family. LINKS:  01    02   - DATE: 2018-03-18

KS-22 Dan Cross, Game Designer, Musician, Writer and Artist [LISTEN]  
Dan Cross wrote the Eldritch RPG and is a founding member of AlpharhythM. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05    06    07    08    09    10    11   - DATE: 2018-03-11
I Got Nothin’ CD from AlpharhythM Gift for Donations Over $20
KS-21 Mugzy, Sydney Australian Hip Hop artist and Reverb Nation sensation joins us on the show [LISTEN]  
Born on the 22nd of January 1991 Mugzy had to fight through his adolescent years. Struggling with deep internal stress, he found inspiration in Eminem after his first encounter with Hip-Hop when he heard the song 'The Way I Am'. Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem's songs & began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop culture. LINKS:  01    02    03    04   - DATE: 2018-03-05

KS-20 Behind the Sh!t with Matt and Eric! [LISTEN]  
An inside look on the KnowSh!tCast and the official launch of our website... P.S. we cant actually put the website here because the it contains an actual spelled out "naughty" word......just change the "!" to an "i" and add .com.Otherwise, here are some links to not so naughty stuff of ours you can check out!!! LINKS:  01    02    03   - DATE: 2018-03-01

KS-19 Skip Williams, Co-Creator of D&D 3rd Edition and Author of the "Sage Advice" column [LISTEN]  
Ralph Williams, almost always referred to as Skip Williams, is an American game designer.He is married to Penny Williams, who is also involved with the games industry. He is best known as co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and as the longtime author of Dragon Magazine's column "Sage Advice." LINKS:  01   - DATE: 2018-02-24

KS-18 Dr. Robert Cooperman, Conservative Playwright and Professor of English [LISTEN]  
Playwright Robert Cooperman has been involved with theatre for many years, both in his native New York City and in his current home, Columbus, Ohio. This year, he had the honor to have his play "Instaurito" --and last year to have his play “The Flower Stand”- selected for the New York New Works Theatre Festival. "The Flower Stand" was also produced as a winner of the Midnight Audio Theatre” script writing competition. His full-length play, “Kate ‘n’ Spence,” was produced by the Evolution Theatre Company in 2014 and he has had one-acts performed in New York and Columbus, most recently “Shut Up, Mr. Mandelbaum,” which was a winner of the ETC New Playwrights Festival in 2013. Four of Robert’s short plays have been selected for readings at the Cincinnati Playwright’s Initiative this fall. Robert earned his Ph.D. in English (with Drama as a specialty) from The Ohio State University and is an Adjunct Professor of English and Theatre at Ohio University, Lancaster. He is also the founder and Director of Stage Right Theatrics, a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation that promotes conservative plays and playwrights. In January 2017, Stage Right Theatrics offered the Conservative Theatre Festival in Columbus, Ohio, which featured six new plays with conservative themes (including Mr. Cooperman's "Drop the Barvie!"). Aside from his interest in theatre, Robert is a connoisseur of parrots and an avid New York Yankee fan. LINKS:  01    02   - DATE: 2018-02-17

KS-17 Brian Stewart (DJversion666) [LISTEN]  
Brian Stewart is the creative power behind DJversion666, composing industrial music of various sub-genres ranging from goth to industrial metal and everything in between. He also has deejayed at various venues, ranging from gentlemen’s clubs in the State of New Jersey, to industrial dance clubs such as Mojo 13′s Asylum 13 and Solid State, in Wilmington, Delaware. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05    06    07    08    09   - DATE: 2018-02-11

KS-16 Stephen D. Sullivan [LISTEN]  
Hi! My name is Stephen D. Sullivan, and I’ve been working professionally in fantasy publishing as an author, artist, and editor since 1980. I was a TSR editor and artist during the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, and I helped found Pacesetter Ltd., creators of CHILL and a bunch of other award-winning games. Over the years, I’ve written and created art for some of the best known properties in the world including Star Wars, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Iron Man. For the past 25 years, I’ve been a freelancer most of the time (though I’ve occasionally taken a staff position to help pay the bills). I co-hosted Uncanny Radio — where I was known as “Manwolf” — with my friend Linda Godfrey, and nowadays I make occasional appearances on Vince Rotolo’s B-Movie Cast podcast. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05   - DATE: 2018-02-04

KS-15 Ken St. Andre [LISTEN]  
Ken St. Andre - Education - Arizona State University - B.A. in English, Liberal Arts, English - 1965 – 1970 - M.L.S. University of Arizona. Kenneth Eugene St. Andre (born on April 28, 1947 in Ogden, Utah) is an American fantasy author and game designer, best known for his work with Tunnels & Trolls and Wasteland. He has been an active member of The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America since 1989. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05    06    07    08    09   - DATE: 2018-01-30

KS-14 Michael Dobson [LISTEN]  
MICHAEL SINGER DOBSON is an internationally known project management consultant, author, and lecturer. He’s the author of twenty books on various aspects of project management, office politics, organizational dynamics, and personal growth. A popular seminar leader and keynote speaker, Dobson brings a practical real-world background, good humor, and a dynamic personal style to make his topics come alive. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05   - DATE: 2018-01-21

KS-13 Jim Ward [LISTEN]  
Jim Ward is a published author of multiple role playing games e.g. Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World, CCG's e.g. Spellfire and Dragon Ball Z and author of multiple novels and gaming books including the popular Storytellers Thesaurus. We talk with Jim Ward about his early life involving games, his past vocations, time at TSR, and current and future projects. LINKS:  01    02    03    04    05    06    07   - DATE: 2018-01-13

KS-12 The Intoxicating Cat Hall!!! [LISTEN]  
An evening conversation with professional vocalist and lyricist Cat Hall, founding member of the band Dissonance. Join us for a chronological history of Cat/Dissonance as we discuss her albums and current/future projects. LINKS:  01    02    03    04   - DATE: 2018-01-06

KS-11 Game Night [LISTEN]  
We take a deep dive with our guest Published Author and Game Designer Richard Balsley to talk about the history of tabletop game design and the state of modern day game creation. LINKS:  01   - DATE: 2018-01-03

KS-10 Comparative Metaphysics and the Occidental Taoist [LISTEN]  
The Occidental Taoist joins us for a discussion on Comparative Metaphysics......and other things..... LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-12-16

KS-9 Ancient Aliens and Quentin Tarantino Films [LISTEN]  
Ancient Aliens, Coral Castle, Sink Holes, a rod no bigger than your thumb and movies we don’t like. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-12-08

KS-8 Orch OR [LISTEN]  
Orch OR. Orchestrated Reduction of Quantum Entangled Information in Micro-tubules in the Brain……because, what else would we be talking about on a Friday night? An interesting trip through Quantum Physics and Consciousness… LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-12-01

KS-7 Satanic Panic [LISTEN]  
Satanism, Metal Music, Dungeons and Dragons and Light Beer…. Big brother Shane Frazier joins me and Eric D. Smith on his thesis about the Satanic Panic of the 70’s and 80’s… LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-11-17

Veterans Day [LISTEN]  
Sea Stories with Uncle Salty…… LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-11-11

KS-6 Mellennials [LISTEN]  
Millennials, K-POP and the end of everything. We talk to one of the much vilified Millennials to find of if things are as bad as old people say…. The answers may surprise you!!!! LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-11-10

KS-5 Chinese Medicine [LISTEN]  
Chinese Medicine and Sexual Alchemy!!!! WHAT”S NOT TO LOVE!?!?!?! Co-host Eric D. Smith and I set down with Chinese Medicine practitioner Jeff Coté to discuss Chinese Medicine……and other things… LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-11-03

KS-4 Trippy Gods [LISTEN]  
Trippy Gods, Gods on High and Gary Gygax… I sit down with the Mad Historian Eric D. Smith to discuss psychotropic drugs and their influence on ancient religions. Yes, it gets strange…… LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-10-27

KS-3 Greatest Stories Ever Told Again [LISTEN]  
Greatest Stories Ever Told……..Again…. Great conversation with my friend and a student of history Eric D. Smith about the common threads of all major religions. This one gets weird!!!! LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-10-16

KS-2 Dance with Addiction [LISTEN]  
I wanted to understand heroin addicts better……so I talked to one. It was fascinating to get his take on many stereotypes, stigmas and issues surrounding addiction. If you find this interesting or helpful please like and share. LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-10-14

KS-1 Mexicans aren’t stealing your jobs [LISTEN]  
Mexicans aren’t stealing your jobs…….I am! LINKS: There are no additional links for this podcast. - DATE: 2017-10-08

KnowShitCast Team:

HOST: Matt Frazier

(Matt Frazier: Owner and Leading Host of KnoW-Shit)
I talk about stuff I think is interesting... I am an Automation Engineer, a Musician, and student of life. I love talking to people about unusual subjects and topics especially after a few adult beverages. There are no scripts and no limits - Just people talking honestly and openly about topics they care about. I never know what is going to happen! My name is Matt… This is my Podcast…

Co-Host: Eric Smith

(Eric D. Smith: Co-host & The Gray Wizard of History)
Resting assured of the long-term victory begun in 1969 in Columbus Ohio, Eric set out to further explore the outside world as well as the inside world. This however, proved to be very distracting. Somewhere in the mid-2010s another random decision was made. This resulted in a firm move from the former autodidact to, as of this writing, being a senior in good standing at Ohio University, majoring in History with a minor in Philosophy. When not concerned with his education or activating a Casting, he occasionally engages in producing music, or running various table-top games. It is rumored that in the distant past, Eric was a professional physic.

Curator / Producer: TangenT D. Noir

(TangenT D. Noir: Phantom Co-Host & Web Project Daemon)
I am behind the scenes making sure all of the web and team shiz works and is as well connected as can be. I am The Collaborative Project Manager for KnowShitCast and The Owner and Founder of it's parent site :: Creative Network. As the web host, developer, and supplementary promoter via this allied website "", I represent the integral glue here.

Team Personal Notes

TangenT D. Noir personal notes:
To quote the character "John 'Hannibal' Smith" from the 1980's television show "The A-Team", "I love it when a plan comes together". I sincerely love taking something from humble beginnings to helping it grow in to well - SOMETHING. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that this is some kind of strange paternal mentoring thing left over from a previous life time. However, I won't get in to that. This "short" bio is going to be long enough. You should know that I tend to use way too many words to communicate simple concepts. However, I wouldn't have it any other way - as I find it necessary to reduce margins of error and the back and forth aspects of human digital communications. I also do this because I've found it necessary to try to understand as much about and idea which I have and how others will absorb it before I even present the idea from the start. I digress: This bio, however, was not one of these ideas. So it did require a lot of tweaking. Sorry for the divergence. Thus, hopefully decreasing the confusing and time consuming back and forth dialogue which tends to occur with human creatures in a digital world. I honestly don't have time for the confusion. Responses to my proposals or ideas are usually words and phrases such as... "Yes"(details follow), "No"(details follow), "I agree...", "I don't agree..."(tells me why), "let me think on it"(and they do think about it and get back to me), "I'll get back to you with an answer soon"(and they do), "Here are my ideas on what you've presented... What do you think.."(and I actually think about their contributions in full context with my previously stated ideas), "Sounds good!", and my personal favorite "That doesn't suck, let's do it man!!!!". I believe that this is why Matt Frazier, Eric D. Smith and I work so well together. In the end, it's worth the time that I put into creating the initial thoughts when communicating. They seem to understand this quirkly yet really important RESPECTFUL control issue within my character which I believe is required by at least one person within any group to get shiz done.

P.S: Sorry that this is so long. But honestly, I think you understand me from at least a work ethic perspective now. I'm sure it's because I took the time to type all of this out. So, I'm just a little less sorry than I would be if you didn't understand more about me before I started typing this long freakin' run on paragraph. HA!




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KnowShitCast - is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier's desire to provide conversation about endlessly fascinating concepts, thoughts, and ideas along with the people who have them - in a sort of curiosity and a quest for knowledge and understanding about any and everything. Along with the seemingly bottomless and some times funny knowledge of historical facts from co-host Eric D. Smith, this makes for a some times hilarious but always educational take on podcasting. Top that off by adding the "behind the scenes" curation, mentoring, and available resources provided by TangenT D. Noir of KnowShitCast's parent site :: Creative Network and you have the perfect trifecta of podcasting infotainment.

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In depth interviews with :: Creative Network's Creative, Do It Yourself(DIY), and Do IT Together(DIT) members. Also there are plans for future podcasting projects acquired by KnowShitCast within our webspace hosted and curated under the banner of :: Creative Network.

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